About Us

It took years of development, design and crafting for the original Notch Collar to manifest. The Notch Collar improves the design and function of the men’s dress shirt. No longer will your collar appear sloppy, not stand up well or lie poorly under a coat. Pioneering notches in the collar allow you to “pop” it over a coat lapel creating a bold, new look. Our elegant designs will have you looking your best, late nights or early mornings; from the boardroom to the ballroom; with a tie or without. It’s entirely up to you! We handcraft these unique shirts right here in America using our own factory and applying old world techniques with todays classic Italian designs… Original designs, American-made, all style and class.

Paul Siragusa

Founder and ceo

Texture and Details

Only premium fabrics, the finest threads and beautiful pearlescent buttons are used to assemble each of our handmade shirts. We pick out opulent and rich designs which accent our unique shirts in a way that you will love.

We’ve finetuned our manufacturing process here in America and make each of these beautifully crafted shirts on demand by hand in our own factory. Superb stitching, the finest materials, exceptional design… Our unique patented design and small details are what takes our innovative shirt to the next level and a step ahead of the rest. Not only will you look stunning in our shirts, you can be assured you have a unique and stylish look like no other!

Siragusa, LLC is built on 100% customer satisfaction customer loyalty and quality control. From the finest threads and buttons to the intricate craftsmanship and beautiful “draw style” packaging, we have spared no expense to give our customers the best shirt purchasing experience possible!

Combining years of experience, the best materials and a patented design, we are giving our customers a top “notch” look you cannot get from anywhere else.